Built at P&LE's McKees Rocks Shops in 1912, B-104 class switcher locomotive #9065 serves as a background for this interesting crew photo taken in Galley Town, PA. This locomotive was later rebuilt as a saddle-tank shop switcher in 1923 becoming X-100016 for use at the Rox. Galley Town itself was later absorbed as part of the expansion of P&LE's Dickerson Run Classification Yard. Top row, from left to right: (unknown), Carl Boyd, W. H. Cohn, Bill Harper, (unknown). Bottom row: Ralph Black, Elmer Cramer, Jim Clark, Harry Morgan, W. M. McCormack, John Myers, A. B. Joseph, (unknown), (unknown), (unknown), George Kessler, Isaac Bush, W. H. Cassel, and Andy Carson.

A crew photo taken in Galley Town (Dickerson Run), PA, with  B-104 class #9065

G. W. Baird Collection